a story about holiday spirits 🍷🍷🍷
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    so tonight during my family's xmas party my aunts decided to make "Glug"
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    apparently Glug is an old family recipe to drink in the winter months
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    The Recipe: bourbon and red wine, cloves, almonds, raisins, cinnamon sticks, and sugar
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    you boil it for a few minutes, add sugar, and then LIGHT IT ON FIRE 💥
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    Some descriptions I heard about this mystical drink before trying it:
    "smells and tastes like Viks Vapor Rub." "like warm cough syrup." "if you have a cold or a cough, one whiff of Glug and you'll be all cleared up."
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    this drink sounds Na$Ty
    what's all the hullabaloo?
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    I guess a tradition in our family was that the youngest male had his head held over the steam of boiling Glug until his nose started to bleed or he couldn't breath
    a sign of becoming a Bassett man or something? and I'm supposed to DRINK this?!
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    my grandfather and uncle (both deceased) really enjoyed Glug
    so my aunt made a tear jerking toast in honor of both men and we toasted
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    I took my first sip
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    💥POW💥 Glug hits you right in the chest
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    it tastes like horrible, deplorable, disgusting hot cough syrup with a spiced wine aftertaste and the occasional floating raisin drifting about
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    noses were scrunched while drinking but we all suffered through The Glug Experience
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    so that was fun...
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    in conclusion, family traditions are weird