some journal pages I'm proud of
  1. succulents are good lil plants to have & draw
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  2. ✨✨✨
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  3. I've got a thing for eyes 👀
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  4. eyes, roses, & Lana. the perfect trifecta.
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  5. some cool banners
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  6. a page full of fun washi tape
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  7. 💈 random doodles
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  8. a wrote all the lyrics to The 1975's Love Me because why not?
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  9. again, random patterns 💫
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  11. some pressed flowers from work
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  12. 🍄🍄🍄
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  13. Karen O's Rapt lyrics and a heart, cool!
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  14. E 🌿🌸
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  15. 🌹🕸
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  16. a fat grandpa pug and grl pwr!
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  17. 3 yellow dots: 🎈🍳☀️
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  18. ✈️💜
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