Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. my grandma expanded her house to add a bedroom and bathroom about 10 years ago
  2. there were workers who had to be in the attic for construction
  3. after the renovation my aunt stayed with my grandma for a while
  4. one night..... my aunt heard distant music playing
  5. she thought it was coming from the ceiling and claimed she heard a GHOST!
  6. my grandma thought one of the workers just left a radio on up in her attic
    she's a bit more reasonable
  7. after a bit of investigating my uncle and dad said the attic was cleared of any radio
  8. so everyone was convinced my grandma's house was haunted and we were equally thrilled and chilled
  10. after a couple more weeks my dad realized that the Bose radio and CD player in the den my grandma got for Christmas WAS ON THE WHOLE TIME AND THAT'S WHERE THE MUSIC CAME FROM
  11. 🙄 there was no ghost after all, just my grandma being clueless about technology
  12. 👻🙀 shocking right?