Inspired by @lame; the education I received from my school was incredible, however; there was so much I disagreed with **also I was raised Catholic and have been confirmed in the faith, my parents just wanted to screw with me and send me to a Lutheran school I guess
  1. I was in 4th grade when the news broke that Steve Irwin had passed away, and one of my classmates asked if he would go to heaven bc he was supposedly Buddhist and my teacher flat out said no
    I went home crying bc I loved him and my mom explained that my teacher had no right to dictate who was and wasn't going to heaven/ hell
  2. we had a class senior year called Applied Christianity which was about how to apply the Lutheran faith in the real world (?) and we had a discussion about abortion to which I chimed in that I believed it's a woman's choice and that if a woman is raped she shouldn't be forced to carry a child
    and my teacher countered with this, "what? are you a feminist." like that's supposed to be an insult 🙄 and I responded, "what? and you're not?" I was told not to speak for the rest of class
  3. "Face to face, leave some space" "leave room for Jesus/the Holy Spirit" and "modest is the hottest" were all sayings implemented way to often about school dances
  4. strict sexist dress codes
    in high school girls weren't allowed to wear shirts that showed their clavicle... honestly if a guy can't keep it in his pants after seeing a woman's COLLAR BONE she isn't the one with a problem
  5. in middle school there was a section of our grading/ report card for church attendance
    like you could literally fail a "class" by not attending church wtf
  6. while I attended Lutheran school, you could still attend if you weren't Lutheran. we had a multitude of different religions in my high school, however; you got a discount on tuition if you and your parents were members of a Lutheran church
    my school was full of extremely wealthy families and the school knew that members of Lutheran churches would be more inclined to donate to the school if they got a break on tuition 😒
  7. a pastor from a local church literally disowned his son who graduated a few years ahead of me and came out as gay and the dad was regarded as a hero
  8. Lutherans (at least the ones I was surrounded by) really hate the Pope
    I consider myself an extreme liberal Catholic and Pope Francis is one of last things holding my Catholicism together, I respect the traditions and how the pope is recognizing the changes within the world
  9. trucks with confederate flags hanging off the trunk were the "coolest" things to a teen boy
  10. memory work every Friday
    from kindergarten to senior year, every week we were required to memorize lengthy bible passages and either write them out or recite them on Fridays. every week for 13 years....I can tell you like 3 bible verses now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. sex class was called Health class and it was a joke
    I had a class for one week in 5th grade and then for a semester in sophomore year. 5th grade class was just about "our changing bodies" and 10th grade we had to memorize STDs and it was abstinence only education
  12. I've repressed a lot of memories so there's probably more, but here's some sh!t that's stuck with me