how did you come to terms with needing help/ therapy? how did you go about asking for help? when did you know you needed help? please share:
  1. I'd like to hear about people's experiences with therapy for mental health (anxiety and panic disorders, depression, etc.)
    pretty certain I have generalized or social anxiety and bouts of depression, however therapy seems incredibly daunting right now... please share your personal experiences (if you wish, obvi) ✨
  2. when I was in middle school my friend reported me to our school counselor bc depression, and she decided to start seeing me,,,,, I didn't like it that much but maybe just school counselor??? idk but she stopped seeing me and I've been dealing with it by myself for 3.5 years??? does this even count????
    but I would definitely recommend therapy bc it could help a lot,,,,, and u can always try group therapy and stuff if u don't like therapy?????? u have lots of different options and I love u
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  3. Visualize the person you would feel most comfortable talking to. Google search your options. Remember, you don't have to tell anyone you're in therapy if you don't want to. Going to therapy doesn't mean that there is something wrong/bad with you it means that you are trying to heal yourself. You are doing something special and good.
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  4. I made a whole list about it here: THAT TIME I WENT TO THERAPY AND GOT DIAGNOSED 👈🏻 but the gist of it is when u find the right therapist it's so helpful and good and u deserve to feel better 🎀
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  5. Therapy can be really beneficial if you find the right person. My biggest tip is to follow your gut with therapists. I went to a therapist where I could tell right away it wasn't a good fit but ended up going to her for months because I didn't know/ think there were other options (but there were and they worked better!)
    and it just felt good to talk to someone and he had a lot of really good advice and tips to give me.
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  6. Therapy combined with medication and a little exercise/meditation has really done wonders for me... I suggest you find one that you are most comfortable talking too, and try to not hold anything back during your sessions.
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  7. I had struggled with depression for years but didn't get treatment because I didn't think I was sick enough, and I thought it meant my faith wasn't strong enough.
    My dad was treated for a nerve pain condition with Cymbalta, which is also an antidepressant. He became a different person from the difficult man he'd been growing up. No more temper tantrums, mood swings, anger. It inspired me to get help, and taught me that it is a biological/chemical imbalance, not a question of behavior or not being good enough. I listed about it earlier (biggest regret).
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  8. I've tried therapy several times over the last fifteen years & never liked it much, but I know people who swear by it. Personally, meds have done more for me than any therapist, but that doesn't mean therapy's not right for you.
    I had a friend in high school with bipolar disorder & a combo of meds & therapy helped her stay stable. It sucks because there really is no universal answer, you just have to experiment & figure out what works for you. Talk to a doctor if you can: they usually have therapist recommendations & will help you find meds that work for you if it seems to be a biological condition. Good luck!
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  9. I have a list about this! MY MENTAL ILLNESS HISTORY
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  10. i've just come to terms with the fact i need help, and i've been trying to reach out for that help, but each time i've been denied it or there's nothing in place. eventually i'll get there, but just bear in mind it's a long, difficult road ahead and you need to be prepared for that
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  11. Mindfulness, as well as medication really helped me on my recovery from my most recent episode of depression. There are loads of mindfulness apps out there, I use 'Headspace' - it works for, though may not be right for everyone.
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