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    i have a 6 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow and need some cool playlists or albums to listen to
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    if you feel friendly, link or rec me some cool tunes plzzzzzzz
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    no country music though
    miss me with that shit
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    one night at a very chill party i heard a lovely song. it was retro and strummy. and when i realized the singing wasn't in english it just fascinated me all the more. that song turned out to be "happy survival" by eddie okwedy, a nigerian artist. that night i ended up listening to songs from dozens of different countries in africa and it was revelatory. this is that playlist and i do hope you enjoy it as much as i do✌🏾✨ https://open.spotify.com/user/rockright/playlist/3M15ZQlxpwN2fmbW4PQHGB
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    It's so good 😍
    Suggested by @veshecco