1. anything dog related
  2. food pics
    not the gross half eaten food pics, or a snap of your pizza from Little Ceasers, but artsy food pics with a nice filter are always nice to look at
  3. concerts!
    I don't understand why people hate concert snaps? I love seeing live performances via snappy
  4. body posi/ self love snaps
    YES! you think you look hot/cute/pretty/nice SHAMELESSLY SNAP THAT! 💁🏽
  5. makeup or beauty product reviews
    I love how impromptu these usually are and typically very honest
  6. snaps of local landmarks or architecture
    fueling my wander-lusting ass!
  7. people who go to art museums and have dumb commentary about the pieces
    usually it's a pic of a naked statue with the caption "dat ass" but never fails to make me laugh
  8. basically anything Matty Healy posts
  9. feel free to add me on snapchat: @ eringabe bc I'll probably add you back! ✨
    or just comment your snap and I'll add you!