as requested by @nathanveshecco 😊 {this was the hardest list I've ever complied in my life btw} {{also it's annoyingly long but these songs are all like my babies }}
  1. Reptilia // The Strokes
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    I don't even have words to express how much I love this song. it's the most played song on my iTunes by FAR. 🔥
  2. Evening Sun // The Strokes
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    "you're the prettiest, smartest captain on the team; I love you more than being seventeen," is my all time favorite line ever
  3. Into the Ocean // Blue October
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    been a favorite song since probably 5th grade. it's very calming.
  4. Welcome to the Black Parade // My Chemical Romance
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    I am fake emo wannabe tra$h for this but middle school me listened to this everyday for like 3 years
  5. The Universal // Blur
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  6. A Car, A Torch, A Death // Twenty One Pilots
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    lyrically this song brings me to tears, musically this song sends shivers down my spine
  7. You // The 1975
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    I actually started sobbing when I heard this played this live
  8. Piledriver Waltz // Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
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  9. Black Beauty // Lana Del Rey
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    this was one of her unreleased tracks for ~years and was my fav even before she released it on Ultraviolence
  10. Ottoman // Vampire Weekend
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    this is played during the closing of one of my favorite movies: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
  11. Crying Lightning // Arctic Monkeys
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    💧⚡️ honestly, one of their bests
  12. Thinkin' Ahead (ft. Ric Elsworth & O.N.E.) // Bastille
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    it features Donnie's monologue from Donnie Darko! Honestly it's just fantastic.
  13. I Wanna Get Better // Bleachers
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    this song is incredibly therapeutic
  14. You Know What I Mean // Cults
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    heard this the first time when Cults opened for Vampire Weekend and I've been obsessed since
  15. Boys Don't Cry // The Cure
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  16. Lover // Devendra Banhart
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    this is also the opening song in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
  17. Out of the Blue // Julian Casablancas
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    JC's Phrazes era is GOLD
  18. jump.start.souxie // Drive Like I Do
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    the 1975 released music under the names "Drive Like I Do, TalkHouse, Bigsleep, and (The) Slowdown." this is one of their bests.
  19. Bored in the USA // Father John Misty
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    how many more times will I reference the satirical genius of this song?!
  20. Two Weeks // Grizzly Bear
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  21. Karma Police // Radiohead
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  22. Human Sadness // Julian Casablancas & The Voidz
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    13 minutes of some of the best lyricism I've ever heard (JC is very into the whole warped voice thing so looking up some lyrics is absolutely necessary)
  23. You Can Be the Boss // Lana Del Rey
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    take a shot every time Lana says "daddy" in this song. die of alcohol poisoning. 💋
  24. Just Breathe // Pearl Jam
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  25. Australia // The Shins
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    so catchy 🎷🐝
  26. *** (I forgot to add this originally!!!) All These Things That I've Done // The Killers
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    this songs gets me SO PUMPED