as requested by the lovely @brimattia
  1. Film: The Little Prince
    Technically this came out in 2015, but it didn't come to Netflix until this year. While this is an animated movie targeted to children, I've been recommending this movie to every adult I know. You'll cry, smile, laugh, and feel enchanted. I love love love this story.
  2. Book: The Skeleton Crew
    I bought this book at a used bookstore in Chicago last year and FINALLY got around to reading it this summer. I love true crime books and this book is a documentary style tale delving into the culture of "web sleuths" - people who try to solve old crimes via internet web bases like Reddit. It was such a fascinating read, I definitely recommend it!
  3. Album: I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975
    Is anyone surprised by this pick? This band is a huge part of my life and this album absolutely blew be away. I got to see Matty Healy perform songs from this album twice this year and I'm still in awe 💕
  4. Song: I Bet on Losing Dogs by Mitski
    Mitski's whole Puberty album reigns in as my second favorite album of 2016. This song is one of my most played song of the year on Spotify and that's honestly because I listen to it multiple times, I love it so much.
  5. Music Video: American Money by BØRNS
    Holy shit... 2016 is the year I fell head over heels in love with Garrett Borns. This music video is the most majestic, beautiful, magical piece of art I have ever witnessed.
  6. Television Show: UnReal
    This show is f*cking WILD! It's a spoof on what would happen behind the scenes on a "The Bachelor" type show. It's actually super interesting because it plays like a real reality show taking place within a reality show... so it really is unreal.
  7. Streaming Series: Sense8
    SUCH A COOL AND UNIQUE PLOT AND SO MUCH DIVERSITY!!!!! LGBTQ+ representation! Asian, African American, Indian, Latino, representation! It's such a crazy show and is executed so so so well.
  8. Podcast: Ok to be honestly I don't listen to podcasts at all, BUT I have been listening to @brimattia and @k8mcgarry on ALL CAPS and I 💕 it (and them) so much.
  9. App: Instagram
    This is such a lame answer, but I started using it more frequently this year and I'm actually a huge fan of Insta stories! They're so much more fun than snapchats, and I loooove snapchat so that says a lot.
  10. Person: I tried, I really did, to narrow this down and I simply cannot. This may need to become a list on its own.... there's too many beautiful souls I loved this year.
  11. I actually did so much research for this list and I'm still super proud of it.
  12. Someone Else Wrote: I SAY I'M A... BUT I'M REALLY A...
    by @sarahgorman; I love the concept and format of this list!