is it ~really~ Christmas unless you cry for some reason?
  1. my dog had a really severe allergic reaction to something
    last time it happened the vet told us if she ever had another reaction it would probably be deadly so that was really scary. she's a-okay now though and resting up
  2. george michael died
    2016 can choke on a dick honestly. it's taken too many wonderful people
  3. i saw a picture on timehop of my other dog we had to put down in may
    I miss my LuLu girl everyday but this made me sob so much. the cutest picture 😭
  4. all the really cute twitter and facebook gift opening videos
    people getting pets, plane tickets, engagements, those Build-A-Bear videos... i can't handle
  5. my aunt got engaged
    2 kids later and her bf finally proposed by writing "will you marry me?" in the snow and it was the cutest thing, also her ring is GORGE