1. the pic of a random girl that @lesbian thought I looked like
  2. the snap my friend sent me of our The 1975 tickets for May 😍
  3. this age detector magic
  4. this "aesthetic" pic that pisses me off
    let's analyze: FOOD ON WHITE SHEETS (wtf is that peach doing there?) a vinyl just chilling there (?), A LIT CANDLE DELICATELY BALANCED ON A PIECE OF WOOD, also that vase...just all of it is so unnecessary
  5. this
  6. room inspo
  7. this
  8. makeup inspo
  9. ...this
  10. this snap by brother sent me of Lulu in an IKEA bag
  11. more room inspo
  12. books I need to buy
  13. this tattoo and placement of said tattoo that I'm lusting over