some of these are from a long time ago, some more recent. I'm learning, and trying to get better. 🌿
  1. pack only cold lunches for a whole semester because I didn't know where the microwave was in the library and was too afraid to ask
  2. not taking a class because the participation portion was graded too heavily
  3. not shopping at certain stores because their shelves are too high and I can't reach anything
  4. not ordering food because I don't have the energy to make a phone call
  5. not getting food/drinks from the vending machine at school because it's too loud
  6. taking a 20 minute detour out of my way because there was construction near my destination
  7. while in line at a store I noticed the shirt I was about to buy had a tiny stain but I bought it anyway because I didn't want to make a scene
  8. skip lunch at school because all the tables in the caf were taken
  9. never answering an unknown caller phone call
  10. having my family text me exactly where they're sitting at a restaurant so I don't have to stand in the way of the entrance and look for them
  11. driving back to work after closing to triple check if I turned the open sign off
  12. not trying clothes on at a store because I'm having a bad body image day
  13. not participating in last year's List Secret Santa :-(