1. sleeping in
    Sunday is the one day I don't have to use an alarm clock 🤗
  2. washing your sheets
  3. wearing sweats all day
  4. doing laundry
    also fold the laundry that's been sitting by your closet all week
  5. cleaning your fish bowl
  6. trying out a new baking recipe
  7. self care
    using a face mask, teeth whitening strips, pore strip, moisturize everywhere, drink a detox water, take a bath, use a new bath bomb...
  8. cleaning your makeup brushes
  9. painting your nails
  10. making art
    Sunday's I try to add a few pages to my art journal
  11. catching up on any shows you missed during the week
  12. ordering take out
  13. going to bed early on your freshly washed sheets
  14. • • • I love Sundays 💫