Titled: I'm Probably Crying Rn; an angsty album! 👽
  1. Wtf Is Going On (Existential Crisis)
  2. Please Don't Touch Me
  3. My Favorite F Word Is Feminism
    ft. an all girl punk band
  4. Ooh Baby, Ignore Me Harder
  5. Crippling Anxiety!
    a nice ballad featuring violin
  6. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    a ukulele jam about indifference
  7. Does This Snapchat Filter Make Me Look Fat?
  8. Who Yells? (Interlude)
    just a 4 second interlude of Ilana from Broad City saying, "Who Yells?"
  9. Love=Concerts
    a Panic! at the Disco style song about my love affair with live music
    a spoof of Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys, but about my love of dogs
  11. Leftover Chinese Food
    the song embodiment of late nights, stale Chinese food, and nostalgia
  12. The Patron Saint of Bad Luck
    a song about my lack of luck and growing up Lutheran/Catholic