as mentioned in my previous list PHRASES I OVERUSE, SHE'S A TYRANT and chews everything in sight
  1. my homecoming shoes
    the heels of them anyway 🙄 still wore them though!
  2. a razor
    not the blades (thank god) but the plastic part
  3. an EOS lipbalm
    this was when we first adopted her; my mom called poison control in tears...she was fine
  4. wrapping paper off of Christmas presents
  5. toilet paper rolls
    she will roll down the paper and drag it into our living room. she won't actually eat the paper, just drag it across rooms.
  6. books or magazines
    countless library books have had to been payed off because she will find a way to chew them
  7. headphones and iPhone chargers
    never plugged in (again thank the lord)
  8. soap
    she'll jump into the tub and try to eat bars of soap,,, honestly she's gross
  9. one time she was playing with a rubber ball and chewed a hole through it, here's a vine about it: part 1 part 2
  10. regardless... I love my pupper
  11. *** I forgot about some things she did as a very young puppy,
  12. she chewed the side of our tv cabinet
    which is like really nice cedar wood 🙄
  13. we have very thin walls covering our den which used to just have exposed brick
    my mom thought she was chewing her bone for like an hour as a pup, but eventually looked up and found that she had literally chewed through the wall and to the brick 😳 she was only like 6 months at the time