You know Sailor Moon is yr girl cos she likes to eat 24/7, is always late for school, loves crushin' on all the cute bois, and STILL has time to kick some crazy evil goons tryna destroy the Solar System, or whatever. But maybe you forgot perhaps the best part of every Sailor Moon episode was the crazy positive shit Serena and Co. said @ the end
  1. Do you
    "It's fun imagining being a movie star or a rock and roll idol. All that attention, money, and fame but it's no good trying to be someone you're not. What makes a real star isn't about fame or money, but being the best person you can be and feeling good about yourself. Being a star in your own light is what really counts. Right, Luna?" [insert co-sign from Luna here]
  2. Jealousy is a waste of time
    Serena: Jealousy can be a terrible monster. It can make a really nice person cruel and shortsighted. Rei: Everyone gets jealous sometimes because of something someone else owns, like a brand-new bike, or because they're more popular, or... Serena: Or because they stole someone else's boyfried! Amy: The point is; you can't let things like that eat you alive. Serena: Right! There are too many other great things going on. Sailor Moon says, remember!
  3. Take care of the planet
    Serena: Queen Beryl did a terrible thing she destroyed the moon but if were not careful we can destroy our planet too from pollution to plain old carelessness . Lita: We can be careful not to waste things like paper or plastics Raye: And we can recycle paper and plastics of bottles we do use Amy: We could try to walking or biking to school and save on our parents gasoline Serena: Ask your teacher to tell what you could do, it’s everyone’s responsibilities to keep our planet beautiful.
  4. Be good to people
    Serena: There's a lot more to good manners than knowing how to walk properly, or eat politely, or dance well. You know, really good manners are about how you treat other people... Ami: And that means with respect and consideration. Mina: If you see someone struggling with a grocery bag or a parcell offer to help. Raye: That's what the Sailor Scouts would do and so should you!
  5. Make your own destiny
    Serena: Love charms, crystals, and horoscopes can be a lot of fun, but don't take them too seriously. Ami: You said it, I count on myself to set my own destiny, not some goofy charm. Mina: Right, you're the one who makes it happen. Lita: It's your life to do with what you want. Serena: Set your goals and go for them! Ami: Right, a charm or a crystal isn't going to get your homework done, you are. *drops mic*