i do not have a boyfriend and i think really only one boy in my whole life has ever been interested in being my boyfriend but i am smart so you should listen to me
  1. if they don't like it when you sing in the car, they are not the one
    if you're a good singer they REALLY shouldn't mind but even if you're a horrible singer and they like you enough they'll even think the things you're bad at are cute and endearing
  2. they'll most likely make an effort to see you but sometimes they will not even if they really like you
    because you're really attractive and that's intimidating and not everyone is as well socially versed as you are
  3. if this person doesn't make you want to listen to dumb acoustic love songs literally all the time ditch them
    regardless of how old you are, you're too young for relationships to be anything but fun
  4. tell them how much you like them and how they make you feel when you feel strong lovey feelings
    if they're down then they'll be happy to hear it and if they're not then get rid of them because if they're not gonna appreciate you and your emotions then that's gross
  5. let them expand your horizons and make you think differently about things you've never even considered
    but DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES let ANYONE make you feel uncomfortable to the point that you question your morals. you know who you are as a person and you gotta hold onto that
  6. distance sucks
    long distance relationships are possible and people succeed in them every day but being on opposite coasts of the country WILL make you sad often
  7. send them pictures of yourself and tell them to gas you up
    if they do it they're fun and you'll feel cute as hell but if they don't then they're no fun and they suck and you need to drop them like a hot potato
  8. never date anyone you can't talk to like you talk to your friends
    if the name of the person you're talking to couldn't be interchangeable with your best friend in a text conversation, it's not working
  9. being a "we" is good, but being a "he/she/they and i" is better
    relationships are awesome but make sure you maintain your individuality and remain your own person. let them complement you, not complete you
  10. if your significant other has to belittle you to make you feel like they're too good for you run as fast as you can
    #know #your #worth
  11. enjoy yourself
    don't let being scared of the future stop you from being as happy as you possibly can be
  12. staying up on facetime until 4am isn't good for the body but it's good for the soul
    middle of the night conversations tend to get real quick real fast, it's amazing how much you'll reveal when you're a little sleepy