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  1. I check the weather first thing in the morning to schedule his walks for when it's not raining cause he doesn't like it.
  2. I make a mental note of what time he pooped and the quality of said poop. Get anxious if he hasn't pooped in 12 hours.
  3. I brush his hair more often than my own.
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A little kindness goes a long way. Experienced or witnessed personally.
  1. Sharing an umbrella with a stranger at a crosswalk when it's pouring out.
  2. Giving a poop bag to a fellow dog owner who suddenly ran out.
  3. Warning a person coming towards you that there is a skunk lurking in the bushes nearby.
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  1. 1-7: A grown up
    Just so other grown ups stop using baby talk with me
  2. 7-8: Not a doctor
    Blood is gross
  3. 7-13: Criminal Defence Lawyer
    To save from prison people who got railed by the system
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They share the rule over the city with raccoons.
  1. Avoid sidewalks lined with bushes
    Cause that's where they lurk the most
  2. Turn off Spotify. Pay attention to suspicious rustling ahead
  3. Stay on main roads until you absolutely have to turn on to a side street
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From my own experiences living in the States
  1. Watch and rewatch Seinfeld until it's funny.
  2. Pick a stand-by greasy diner order for hungover mornings.
  3. Practice ordering at Subway alone before going in there with others.
    Took me five minutes to figure out what: "Do you want mayo on it?" means when I went there for the fist time.
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In honour of his birthday
  1. He can sail a boat. A boat with actual, real sails.
    Because it was his dream, so he learned even though he grew up in a land locked city.
  2. He roller-bladed in the Sochi Olympic Ceremony.
    Took months of practicing btw.
  3. He taught me how to read when I was three.
    That requires a boatload of patience and creative teaching tricks. AND he was only 12 at a time!
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  1. As taco topping
  2. Pair it with red wine
  3. Kimchi dumplings
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VIVA is a tech startup in Vancouver. Maker of VIVA Lifestyle and Travel iOS app. Reasons other than our amazing technology and vision for the future. www.VIVAlife.global
  1. I can bring my dog to the office.
  2. There are at least 3 excellent Vietnamese restaurants within 3 min walk.
  3. Chief Data Scientist and I have a prank war going on.
    He thinks he's winning. I let him think it to lower his guard. He is from Dublin, and my next move is bombing his desk with pics of Queen Elizabeth. "I am your sovereign."
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  1. Oranges
  2. Mochi green tea ice cream
    Come on. They are small and delightful
  3. Grapes
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"Elena" is too difficult to spell, apparently. Plus why should I tell strangers my real name?
  1. Andy
    Because I won't take his last name when we get married. But I'll borrow his first when convenient for me.
  2. Athena
    Because I love the Greek mythology, and Athena is as bad ass as it gets.
  3. Kira
    I wanted my brother to name his daughter Kira, but he didn't. So now I'm trying to make the name hip so he regrets it.
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