How to Overcome Cultural Barriers: Usa

From my own experiences living in the States
  1. Watch and rewatch Seinfeld until it's funny.
  2. Pick a stand-by greasy diner order for hungover mornings.
  3. Practice ordering at Subway alone before going in there with others.
    Took me five minutes to figure out what: "Do you want mayo on it?" means when I went there for the fist time.
  4. At restaurants always order "Ranch" dressing with your salad until you figure out what other dressings taste like
    It's the safe bet
  5. Don't give a long answer, when people ask: "How are ya?"
    A "Fine. Thanks" will do 95% of the time.
  6. Even if you don't get American football, learn to love the Super Ball commercials.
  7. If you're a woman, bring money on first dates.
    And don't complain about it. Because you're so much more empowered as a woman in North America than in some parts of the world.
  8. If you get a dog, pick up its poop.
    No way around it.