Proof That My Life Revolves Around My Dog

  1. I check the weather first thing in the morning to schedule his walks for when it's not raining cause he doesn't like it.
  2. I make a mental note of what time he pooped and the quality of said poop. Get anxious if he hasn't pooped in 12 hours.
  3. I brush his hair more often than my own.
  4. I bake sweet potato chips for his treats and then feel enormously guilty for eating them too.
  5. I filter his drinking water.
  6. I sing him a short song before giving him dinner.
  7. His organic all natural shampoo is more expensive than mine.
  8. I examine his poop (visual checks, you guys). Rake my brain over his food schedule and snack history if poop is too dark, too runny, too hard, too big and so on.
  9. To be continued...