Reasons My Brother Is Better Than Yours

In honour of his birthday
  1. He can sail a boat. A boat with actual, real sails.
    Because it was his dream, so he learned even though he grew up in a land locked city.
  2. He roller-bladed in the Sochi Olympic Ceremony.
    Took months of practicing btw.
  3. He taught me how to read when I was three.
    That requires a boatload of patience and creative teaching tricks. AND he was only 12 at a time!
  4. He loves his daughters. LOVES them.
    Like the "I'll ask the doctors for my baby's placenta and bury it under a magical tree so she may have eternal good luck" level of love.
  5. Once he entered an open advertising contest out of boredom, and won. Out of 10,000 entries.
    Wasn't even working in the industry.
  6. He built this shelter in 24 hours with his friends. In -4 F / -20 C
  7. He comforted our Mom during her final days and moments.
    She felt loved till the very end.
  8. He introduced me to my favourite things in life
    Reading, all things Apple, watching blockbusters from the front row, experiencing travel like a local, not a tourist, and more.
  9. He sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor when I visit so we can talk all night.
    And also to keep the monsters away.
  10. He says that one day we will write a book together. And on the cover it will say: "Blah Blah Blah by E.Yugai and E.Yugai"
  11. He tells me that siblings are the closest people in the world b/c we have the most similar DNA: half from each parent.
    So we have more in common with each other than with our parents.
  12. He asked for a baby sibling when he was 9 so that he wouldn't be without family when our parents pass away.
    And he made me feel loved and cared for from the moment I was born.
  13. Happy Birthday, Oppa!