I lived in Seattle for 4 years - I feel like I owe this town for feeding me so well.
  1. Oddfellows
    Breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner. Happy hour is amazing, get the pomme frites. You'll wanna dress hip and sit by the window.
  2. St. John's
    Best brunch - you can a dish called The Walk of Shame that's served with a PBR.
  3. Manhattan - now closed 😭😭😭
    The menu is always changing, but happy hour never disappoints (pork belly Mac and cheese, that's all). The best Old Fashioned on the hill.
  4. Cafe Presse
    Brioche, Croque Madam, pomme frites...all amazing. Plus half off of wine bottles during happy hour.
  5. Rancho Bravo
    Best drunk food. Service is so fast and you can literally get any Mexican dish you want.
  6. Ballet
    Their Pad Thai is off the chain.
  7. Tallulah
    Sister restaurant to Oddfellows. Amazing drinks, and amazing skirt steak. They also have good little plates to share.
  8. Annapurna
    Suggested by @kell