Took a trip to Italy for a friend's wedding. Here are some moments from it.
  1. Getting biscotti on the Air Dolomiti flight from Munich instead of pretzels
  2. Having our first glass of wine with a Marlboro Light and not believing we were actually there
  3. Eating pappardelle with a thunderstorm raging outside
  4. Convincing America students who were studying abroad that we were Australian
  5. Being told I speak Italian like a true Romana
  6. Drinking white wine and listening to jazz over looking Ponte Vecchio
  7. Carrying our suitcases to the top floor to get to our Air BnB in Venice
  8. Stumbling upon Piazza San Marco after it rained and hearing 3 different quartets play classical music
  9. Turning down an alleyway and ending up in the kitchen of the oldest restaurant in Venice, and drinking a whole bottle of wine, eating lobster, grilled eel, and limoncello for lunch
  10. Following voices until we found a small bar in a piazza with only Venetians in it, who taught us what an 'ombra' is in Venice
  11. Orchestrating 20 Americans buying wine at a wine bar in Ravenna to waiters who don't speak English
  12. Playing Drake in another bar in Ravenna, where we made friends with the bartender and had him keep it open until 3am
  13. Watching a dear friend get married to the Italian love of her life
  14. Smoking cigarettes outside the bar where the married couple met
  15. Walking around Florence on our last night, and not wanting to go back one bit.