1. Driving to school in my dad's 1985 BMW listening to Iron and Wine as the sun was coming up but it was still quiet and dark
  2. Smoking cigarettes on the bench outside my philosophy class while we were on our break
  3. Drinking grapefruit strawberry sangria on the roof of my friend's house on the last day of finals senior year
  4. Falling asleep in the cab on the way home from the restaurant I was working at to the Upper West Side and having the cabby gently wake me up
  5. Sitting outside on the terrace of my Italian host parents' beach house drinking gin and tonics, my hair still wet from the shower and my skin warm from the sun
  6. Waking up in my freshman year dorm and pushing my feet up against the radiator and listening to the rain
  7. Eating pasta and chain smoking after getting my blood drawn at an Italian hospital and almost fainting
  8. Drinking Pinot Grigio and taking shots with the bartenders at Lucky Strike in Soho on a windy Monday afternoon
  9. Driving up PCH listening to the Local Natives in June
  10. Talking with Scott my bartender as he made me my 2nd Old Fashioned that he only charged me $5 for and then sharing fried mac and cheese with him
  11. Taking a nap at my parents' house last weekend in the sun on the deck after eating a ham sandwich my mom made me