I just left my job at Dr. Phil for summer hiatus and am now working in this strange office in Studio City.
  1. Adam
    Adam is BFF with Ryan Seacrest, shorter than me, and on Friday asked his assistant to get Mariah Carey on the phone.
  2. Katie
    Adam's brand new assistant. She is using the word 'awesome' a lot.
  3. Jodi
    Jodi kind of looks like a bird. I also just realized she was wearing a feathered vest on Thursday so that might be why I think that.
  4. Joe
    Joe is bald and loud and was bro-ing out super hard core with some obnoxious friends who came in the office Friday.
  5. Danica
    Jodi and Joe's assistant. She's super cute and I like her a lot.
  6. Chris
    Chris is a little awkward. He made me watch a YouTube video which consisted of two Russian men fighting with medieval costumes on. It was 20 minutes long.
  7. Xander
    Xander is hot. How can you not be, with a name like Xander? He's wearing a cardigan today and looks like he's doing important video-making stuff.
  8. Scott
    Scott is the office manager, and for some reason I feel bad for him. Do you ever meet people like that, who you just feel bad for for no reason in particular?
  9. Maureen
    The first time I talked to Maureen, she complained for 15 minutes about how she hates this office. She says she does comedy, which is cool, but I'm not sure how funny she is.