I got to the final round of interviews to be an NBC Page, the only thing I really wanted (still want) to do after graduation. I should have gotten the job, but I didn't.
  1. My outfit
    I wore a bright red (almost neon) blazer with black printed pants. All of the other girls were wearing grey or black pantsuits.
  2. My interesting fact
    I said that ever since I was in 3rd grade I've purposely worn non-matching socks. In England it's considered good luck if you wear odd socks, and I said want good luck all the time. Maybe they were grossed out by socks? Another girl said she had an extra bone in her foot, which I thought was way more gross.
  3. The biggest risk I've ever taken
    I knew they were going to ask this question (after Googling 'page panel interview questions') so I was ready. I talked about how I Facebook/LinkedIn/email stalked producers and writers at SNL to get informational interviews with them, and how I actually landed 2. Maybe they thought this was creepy?
  4. I complimented one of the interviewers
    I told her I liked her shoes and asked her where she got them from. She said Zappos and I said I love Zappos. Trying too hard to make an impression?
  5. My answer to the 'big producing question'
    It's my dream to produce for SNL, or any other late night comedy show. They asked me what makes me different, why should I be the one producing. I said I'm funny, and they said 'everyone thinks they're funny'.
  6. My continued answer to the 'big producing question'
    Then I said some other stuff and finally ended with 'I want it so bad, whenever they say 'Live from New York it's Saturday Night!' I want to cry because I want to be there more than anything in the world.' I feel like I could have come up with something better.
  7. My presentation
    For the interview you have to do a 2 min presentation that shows your work experience, personality, and education without singing, dancing, PowerPoint or video. I did a 'variety show' depicting the different Olivias (Cali Olivia, Seattle Olivia, Dr. Phil Olivia) with props. They laughed and said 'Great' but maybe it wasn't actually that good?
  8. My email
    About 4 weeks after my interview, I got offered a position at Dr. Phil. I couldn't leave DP hanging. I emailed NBC and asked a time frame of when they would be making a decision, because I had another job offer on the table, but that I wanted the Page Program more. The next day I got a rejection email.
  9. Maybe I just wasn't the right choice, but I can't help but wonder why exactly I wasn't chosen.
    It's still hard to think about. I applied again this year and didn't even get a response back.