16 mistakes of 2016

  1. 1.
    dropping a class bc it was nonessential
    coulda got my mf credit earlier
  2. 2.
    staying inside for 80% of the summer
    i'm dealing with the consequences now
  3. 3.
    buying expensive gifts for my parents
  4. 4.
    going celibate for a long period of time
    that's how you get bimbo brain and do shit like thinking you are actually romantically interested in men who don't deserve SHIT
  5. 5.
    letting a guy with a huge ass penis who thinks coconut oil is ample lube fuck me in my ass
    result of mistake #4. when you finally get it, you do crazy things
  6. 6.
    underestimating the power of a lacefront
  7. 7.
    being a people pleaser
    i could be the sweetest, ripest, juiciest peach ever made and someone could still not like peaches
  8. 8.
    not establishing on day one that i'm not the mother fuckin one
    personal relationships and business relationships alike it's harder on them when you let them know not to fuck with you later in the game.
  9. 9.
    spending most of my money at a bar ran by the korean mob
    gotta find my way in
  10. 10.
    losing my head in stressful situations before figuring out solutions
    let the steam off when you're finished and safe
  11. 11.
    having a road dog
    i can go alone. i do better that way
  12. 12.
    thinking that openly giving up the power completely in a relationship counts as a power move
    what the fuck do i think i'm doing
  13. 13.
    not writing often
  14. 14.
    abandoning vegetables
  15. 15.
    not asking for help
    bc i don't always know it all
  16. 16.
    questioning myself
    bc i always know i'll be alright