Alt. Titled, "I got too high and slept too early, so this is what you get from me."
  1. I came out as a crybaby and it may have been the best coming out I've had.
    Didn't feel as much support when I told everyone I wasn't straight. At least people confirm this aspect of me. Still, I wish there were less tears. Still not used to it.
  2. I got honest with myself, still not as much with others.
    Not a liar, per se, just an omitter. I figured out how people made me feel, but still haven't gotten around to telling them. Good things and bad things.
  3. Generally l*nely year for me, but I needed it.
    With the exception of a few occasions, your boo got no play. Dry spells teach you about yourself. And also, I got to use all the memories of the good times in many ways.
  4. This year lit a fire under my ass and a bitch had to get busy
    You'll do everything you need to when you're afraid of losing everything you have.