2015 in Pictures and Blurbs

  1. This is the only picture I have for January? Ok. January:
    I was actually sick af (and thick af) the whole month of January. This was actually sent to 6'5"-trash-bag-YouTube-man-who-can-burn-in-hell-with-his-show, who was still talking to me, after we parted ways in September and he got a new gf. Whatever. Also, spent a lot of time crying in other people's beds. This bed was my little sister's.
  2. February
    I got this tattoo on Friday the 13th because 1) why not 2) I had a good explanation behind it. I'd tell you the story but I don't care to explain myself to any of y'all.
  3. March
    Not my butt. Some other girl's butt, given to my friend for his birthday. I spent a lot of time at shows and shit. Saw my favorite bartender's experimental-basement-punk-sludge-jazz band at Dust Town. It was fun.
  4. April
    Freddy gray protests. First month I cried a lot/came out as a cry baby. Hence the little tear drop glitter makeup. Punched the guy in the head with my brass knuckles, made codeine syrup slushies (very interesting time) and went to baseball games drunk with my friend who was in a thing with a girl, but still would drunk call and tell me I deserve the world and shit (boys are fuckin garbage). Also, started dating Ivy, dancer/fitness expert/etc. we didn't last long.
  5. May
    Got into this habit of emptying my bank account on great food whenever I felt stressed. I was perpetually broke and bloated.
  6. June
    Dealt with people I swore I blocked. Went to more shows. Cried at my internship and ate/slept in my car during lunch because the office environment was draining.
  7. July
    Stayed in New York for a while. Got back into my search-and-destroy, chaos-and-consume attitude. Telling Ivy Leaguers off. Then Tiana, dancer/girl I've had a crush on since I was 15, told me she was into me. I remember eating an apple in her bed and walking out of her place in the middle of Harlem on Sunday afternoon with plans for brunch I wouldn't follow through with. I found ListApp later in the month, after weeks of not checking my email for the invite. It was destiny.
  8. August
    Figured out what my flaws were. Check the lists. Got drunk in New Orleans. Shot Dom Kennedy with a water gun, threw up by Kehlani at Trillectro. Spent a lot of time at drive-in movies with my little sister, daydreaming about how awesome it would be to take a date there. It was pitiful.
  9. September
    All I did was love up on my friends and go to more shows. Also, one of my top 5 favorite dudes said some nice shit about me on here and became my favorite dude. Can't remember who it was tho.
  10. October
    I can't tell you how great it was to drive alone everyday and cry about whatever it was that was on my fuckin heart. Nothing else about that month matters.
  11. November
  12. December
    Bitches were breaking the fuck down constantly over work, school, and not getting enough love/attention/wah wah wah etc. But it's all good. This year was the assist to my 2016 slam dunk. Watch.