1. let's show you how absurd the political environment is by adding to the media's obsession with an evil old man whose morning routine involves reclining in a vat of flamin hot cheeto dust
  2. a family of armenian-american women (and friends) shows you how to make a successful business off of gossiping and being the subject of gossip!
    butts! are they fake?
  3. this man's name is a euphemism for penis. listen to what he's been doing with his penis.
  4. we might make a post about a now-dead and decaying gorilla bc memes bring in the clicks
  5. there's a thing on neckflix
  6. let's throw a race/gender/etc bone to the social issues side of the internet because it's good to have a guilt-free brand
  7. the 90s
  8. but yeah that cheeto dust man is crazy