Has to be in threes, make it weird, don't be obvious
  1. Ziploc bag filled with unidentifiable white powder, the heel of a shoe and 2 sticks of deodorant
  2. A box of nitrile gloves, my high school prom queen sash, and Niagara starch spray
  3. A speculum, duct tape, and a Wiggles DVD
  4. An air horn, two Swedish fish (out the bag, just singular fish), toenail clippings
  5. A print out of Pitbull's verse in "Holla At Me", a package of cold cuts, and a tin of white shoe shine
  6. Jonas Brother's "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" on vinyl, suppositories, a frying pan
  7. A can of spray paint, Tums, and vapoRub
  8. A package of ramen, Astroglide, bluray copy of Mr. Baseball
    Suggested by @amber
  9. A tiny matchbox full of eyelashes, a pair of crocs and a Tide to-go stick.
    Suggested by @SpaceCase
  10. A key ring with at least 100 keys, zip ties, and a Jo Malone 4 wick candle.
    Suggested by @jaidub
  11. A sterling silver goblet, a tuft of black hair held together by a Dora band aid, wheat thins
    Suggested by @magic
  12. An "Altoids" box I immediately snatch away, a wi-fi router with torn wires, and a stained tape measure.
    Suggested by @GargiBera
  13. Printed out Instagram gym selfies by strangers, a single Serrano pepper, and swaths of dryer lint, bundled and numbered.
    Suggested by @GargiBera
  14. A framed picture of the Microsoft Windows default background, Bliss, a photovoltaic cell, and water from a baptism.
    Suggested by @GargiBera
  15. A teeny tiny just born kitten, a Perfect Strangers novelty mouse pad, Kate Middleton's engagement ring
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  16. Dog collar, a case of World's Finest chocolate bars, DVD of Scary Movie 4
    Suggested by @drugs
  17. Botox, leftover plum pudding from Steven Hauschka's Christmas party, and several thousand aglets.
    Suggested by @GargiBera
  18. Play-doh, a rubber snake and a hairy cough drop
    (That's really what's in there tbh)
    Suggested by @shanaz
  19. A set of really strong magnets, pruning shears, and a Sierra Trail Mix flavor Clif Bar.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  20. A used Trojan condom, a magazine to which one could masturbate, and a red toy corvette
    All Prince references