All the Different Phases of My Hair

  1. I was bald for a while
  2. Like, a very long while
  3. Like... Years
  4. Because all I did was shave, bleach, dye, grow out, scowl at people who told me they prefer that I grow my hair out, then repeat it all again.
  5. Here's me with blue hair
    And blue eyebrows
  6. And then with pink hair
    And pink eyebrows
  7. Then I started getting bored
  8. Grew it out a little
  9. *cue some nice holding music like Garota de Ipanema or something to signify the waiting process*
  10. Then boom! Long ass hair with birthday bangs
    Seen here with @XiAnne
  11. Then no bangs
    Seen here with my money shot face
  12. Loose curl
  13. One braid
  14. January hair
  15. February hair
  16. March hair
  17. March hair, pt 2
  18. Last week's hair
  19. This week's hair
  20. Maybe I'll shave it all off again. Idk.
  21. Bonus: can you guess what my fave accessory is by these pics?
  22. 2nd bonus: my Halloween wig that kind of counts as one of my hairstyles.