1. cleaning your ears with a q-tip
  2. sopping up that beautiful sauce at the end of a meal with a piece of bread
  3. remembering to pack everything on a trip
  4. being worshipped by a small town full of simple people who only want to find their purpose in life
  5. finding that obscure food you've been craving
  6. coming home buzzed with the blood pumping in your ears and falling asleep watching a good show
  7. listening to a song in full after it's been stuck in your head all day
  8. crushing someone in an argument without getting too emotionally frazzled or causing any damage
  9. getting your scalp massaged at the shampoo bowl
  10. catching that second wind that helps you finish a long run
  11. when all of the townspeople sacrifice themselves to you, because they know your desire to feed is more important than their trivial little lives
  12. a beautiful produce section
  13. a well-laced tennis shoe cradling your foot like a swaddled infant
  14. holding your bomb ass completed thesis after it slid out the printer, nice and warm
  15. forgetting it's payday and buying a drink with a little fear, then looking at your bank account online
  16. looking in the mirrors in a dressing room and actually liking what you see
  17. days where all you wanna consume is vegetables and sun
  18. draining the townspeople's bodies of all their blood into a decent sized swimming pool, then diving in, letting the dry bodies line the outside as the maggots and vultures start nibbling.
  19. getting caught in the summer rain and letting the egg-sized raindrops cool your skin
  20. feeling the air fill up your lungs after being sick
  21. taking your friends on dates after having so many weeks away from each other and hearing all the new details about their life
  22. traveling a foreign city alone and finding the beauty of this strange place is a reflection of you
  23. putting in your two weeks immediately after your 90 days at a shitty job bc lmao fuck that place