Black Hoe's Guide: Taking Out Your Hair

If you or a loved one is a black person with extensions, here's a way to get through the process smoothly.
  1. Plan ahead
    Set a whole day to taking your hair out, and have a plan of what to do with said hair (both extensions and yours) once it's out. If it's a weave, you can keep it for reinstallation, if it's braided hair, typically, you trash it.
  2. Rat tail comb
    This sum bitch will save your life, time, effort, fingers, wrists and arms. You use the first tooth or the rat tail to take out braids/twists, then section your hair after for oiling and stuff after.
  3. Cut it
    If you're dealing with weaves that are sewn in, you have to cut the threading and possibly a netting to get to the actual hair underneath. For braids/twists, you can cut the twists or braids down to where your hair is. For BOTH, please be careful not to cut your own hair. Don't get snip-happy and lose some of the progress you've been working on!
  4. Understand the law of braidception
    Just when you think you're finished, if you run your hands through your head, you'll find about 5 more braids left. It's a torturous thing, but you must remain patient.
  5. Oil
    Usually, thicker, curlier hair needs more moisture and protection, as the shaft is more delicate. It goes doubly so when it's being taken out of a natural style or weave. Oil is your best friend. I currently have almond, avocado, coconut, olive, and tea tree oils in my room. They all work magic on their own. Oil your scalp and shaft after taking out your hair to replenish moisture and prepare for the shampooing process
  6. Shampooing
    During this process, you can either try a co-wash (with a conditioner to prevent stripping nutrients from your hair), or gentle shampoo. Make sure you get any dry skin or build up on your roots and newly grown hair.
  7. Condition
  8. Styling
    From here, you can either blow dry if you're doing a straight style (use a heat protectant), air dry and wear it out, put it in another protective style, or wrap it! It's all up to you. You got through the hardest part. So go wild!