1. This guy who was a fake blood asked us for a bigarette
    I hate Everyone who switches their c's for b's
  2. This man snatched me by my arm on the sidewalk and said "be my girlfriend" and I had to strong arm him to get away
  3. This man tried to hit on me and say "and don't show out for your friends, ho" and my friends snatched me away and yelled at him for talking at me crazy
    Excuse me, I mean, brazy
  4. I drunkenly shook hands with this dude and asked him his name. When he told me "Dennis Haze," I screamed "OKAY NO BYE!" and sprinted away from him.
    He's this DMV rapper who is tactless and a goddamn asshole and he will try to eat your butt outside of the club if you let him.
  5. I gave this guy named Kush some good business (like 5 customers bought from him bc of me) and he confused my genuine interest in his business' growth as a desire to spit on it.
    I did NOT wanna spit on it. I want nothing to do with it.
  6. Also, to top it off, I just told the uber driver to eat his vegetables and he said some "what if I wanna eat you?" No, nigga.
    I need to report him.
  7. I want to get the hell off this planet.