Summary from the same diary I've kept since middle school that I only use to apologize to myself for being so reckless.
  1. Troy Stafford
    8th grade. I remember his friend hit me in the back of my head with something when I was fighting him. I ran to my friend, Brittani's house with blood dripping into my uniform shirt. We picked out as much of the glass and dirt that we could and tried to cover the wound with gauze and pre-wrap. I still have a scar.
  2. Andy
    8th grade. He was proud to be Puerto Rican and we were cool until I punched him after he showed me a picture of his dick in eighth grade US History.
  3. Peter Soldano
    9th grade. Because he was a piece of shit and called me a slave monkey in first period. I kept walking as I punched him. His head got a bruise from hitting the locker so hard and he thought his jaw was broken. Lil bitch.
  4. Chandler Edmonds
    Junior year. I don't remember why but I know he deserved it.
  5. David
    Junior year. I knocked his glasses off his face in Bio.
  6. John D., not John R.
    This was freshman year of college, and he was a D1 linebacker. He slapped my ass, and I hit him in his shit. He tried to grab me and I used all my weight and the strength of the lord's word to get him off me. He fell on my hand and sprained my pinky finger.
  7. That one boy who was with the girl who tried to fucking hold me back when his girl was starting shit with me and that's why she got her head punched in Johnny's shop window and his nose was bleeding.
    That was last year.
  8. The one that fucked up for real
    He called me a nigger right when I came into a party, trying to calm my friend's boyfriend who was trying to fight him. I have brass knuckles with little skulls in my wallet, and I don't care if his friend had to drive him to the ER. That one was for my ancestors, and the half bottle of Paul Masson I punished in the back of Eddie's car.