1. Responsible Adult
  2. Straight and Focused On School at Thanksgiving Dinner
  3. "I'm Not Drunk, You're Drunk"
  4. Totally Prepared for Life After College
  5. Not Broke
  6. "I Love My Job"
  7. Spooky Bitch Who Can't Seem To Express Her Feelings To Her Crush Because She Equates Vulnerability With Losing and She Is NOT Going To Let Him Have Any More Of An Advantage But Now She'll Never Know If It's Reciprocated So Fuck It It Probably Wasn't Meant To Be Anyway Life Is Fleeting And Death Is Eternal
    Alternatively, "Is He Picking Up That I Want To Swallow His Seed Or Does He Still Think It's A Game?"
  8. The HR Nightmare
  9. "I Can't Eat That Until I Lose 20 Pounds"
  10. My Parents' Favorite, But Sometimes I Scare Them Senseless
  11. Huge Ass, Huger Personality
  12. Netflix And Chill (By Myself)
  13. The One Black Person You Had Ethics Class With So Now You Refer To Them As "Your Friend" When You Argue That You're Not Racist
  14. "Yes, I've Fought Linebackers But I'm Still Fragile And Delicate On The Inside"