Current Youtube Obsessions/interests

Inspired by @magic
  1. Prehistoricpets' snake egg cutting videos
    Baby snakes! Viscous fluid! It's awesome.
  2. Chonunmigooksaram
    Redbone from Georgia that moved to Korea. She's so cute but I have a few........ Interesting observations
  3. Cutlerylover's balisong tutorials
    Because I need a balisong knife.
  4. Keemi Mukbang videos
    All she does is eat a lot of food, and I enjoy seeing people finish their plates. You have no idea how happy it makes me idk. I'm a mommy (very, extremely, 1000 leagues) deep down.
  5. Nat King Cole's show
    I watched "When I Fall In Love" the other night, started sobbing, and realized that if (IF) I ever were to get married, I would sob the same way dancing to that song.
  6. Flip Wilson Show
    I used to catch it very early in the morning when I was younger. It's still funny.
  7. BoomScat's Erykah Badu cover performance at Mousai House
    I've been to a metal show there. It's an amazing space and they claimed it with this video.
  8. Jamie Foxx's piano session at the end of "I Might Need Security"
  9. Vitas
  10. Blender fluid simulator tutorials
    It's so cool.
  11. Old Top of the Pops videos
    Especially "Same Old Feeling" by Pickettywitch.
  12. The reason why I tried to pick up harp in 4th grade, and later snuck and got an ankh tattoo at 17 Alice is unbelievable. Just watch, even if only for a little bit.
  13. OMG I FORGOT: enamorada de TI by Selena only this video. I found it years ago and still try to dance like that in public.
  14. Marc Anthony's version of Que Lio