I got Tinder to make fun of Tinder and now I've got ideas
  1. Ay.... swipe right if u tryn smoke some crack
  2. Only looking for real freaks that ain't scared to suck a kneecap or two
    (at once)
  3. Director of a new independent film looking for disheveled hipsters to participate in new arthouse film called "BUM FIGHTS"
    (only swipe right if you have insurance and will subject to participate in non-choreographed fight scenes)
  4. I suck that pussy for a porkchop
  5. Hi, I'm here for someone who can help with my fetish. I want to get robbed.
  7. swipe left if you don't recognize the lyrical genius in "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO
  8. alright then, bitch, you ugly anyway.
  9. Just looking for somebody to pop this cyst on my back
    doesn't matter the gender, I'm not here for dating or sex stuff, my wife won't do it. She says it smells like a dead fox and my dermatologist keeps trying to charge me $750 to excise it.
  10. bideo game's
  11. BRING dat pucci out
  12. SQUART
  13. What if a nigga ran in ya house and doo dooed on u. And in ur iron so u had doo doo steam. Boo boo steam. Zoo zoo zteam. Dookie steam. Zookie steam. Boo loo is a new dookie u do realize that right a new form of boo boo (nee’ “too boo”. Theyre working on a new dookoo callf “coo boo” the rockiest boo boo ever
    RIP irenigg best comedy writer ever he's not dead i just heard he smoke crike now
  14. (note: that last one was a reference to an old tumblr post i'm not having a stroke)