Requested by Shanaz

Did you already do a jazz list? If not, can you bless us with your favorite artists/albums?

WOW HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS thank u @shanaz
  1. ok so like i'm just gonna let y'all know what jazz i've been listening to lately
  2. "Pavanne, "Aki and Ukthay" and "Ahmad's Blues" by Ahmad Jamal
    he loves a vamp.
  3. Con Alma by Dizzy Gillespie
    reminds me of riding my bike after school in third grade and selling candy with my neighbors so we could buy dumb shit.
  4. "Cuando Te Encuentre" by Bola De Nieve
    Cuban, queer, black. This is a love song, but idk if it counts exactly under the """"jazz"""" umbrella. I love it anyway.
  5. Hermitage by Charlie Haden
    my favorite part about this is how Ernie Watts, on the sax, is like playing some Michael McDonald smooth ass shit. everyone playing interprets the song in their own style, which sounds like it'd be a mess, but it WORKS.
  6. Nabu Corfa by Dorothy Ashby
    she's reallllllyyyy good. And black women who play jazz harp are the apex of cool.
  7. The Loop by Chick Corea
    Old fave. I used to imagine it was about a kitchen of a really prestigious restaurant on a seemingly slow day that got a surprise visit from a really important critic. it makes better sense if I describe it in live time.
  8. In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane
    I FUCK WITH ELLINGTON SO HARD. This is a classic, and Coltrane is a great musician, composer, etc. I really don't need to vouch for this at all.
  9. Young Rabbits '71 '72 by The Crusaders
    this song is so fucking funny. someone put it on a vine of this dude hitting them folks and i pissed myself.
  10. One for My Baby and One More for the Road by Wes Montgomery
    I love all versions of this song, but I trust Wes' version the most. His guitar is soothing af.
  11. Journey in Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane