There's a difference between telling someone I love them and finding out if they love me back. It's an interactive thing.
  1. *walks out in wacky outfit*... is this a look?
    Most of the time I'm dead serious about wearing that. Most of the time I want you to be honest. But I also want you to know that I want really bad to wear something very fun. But most importantly, I care about what you have to say, and I trust you to not break my spirit.
  2. Putting my cold feet on you when we sleep
    I'm always the one friend that ends up sharing a bed with you, even the twin XL's we get in college dorms. I take up a lot of space, but I very much want to share it with you.
  3. Walking too fast to be side-by-side with you, then reaching my hand behind me without looking back
    Just hold it.
  4. Asking if you've been eating your vegetables as a greeting
    I tell everyone to eat their vegetables when I say goodbye. But I only ask the people I love if they've eaten their vegetables when I see them again. Because I care. And I'm interested.
  5. Always wanting you to go first, and hoping you'll understand the attention and time I need when I'm last
    This goes for many things, walking up the stairs, taking showers, ordering food, talking about stuff, etc. You first.
  6. Asking you to make a decision for me
    "What should I eat?" "Do I wanna go out tonight?" "Should I make this a written thing, or do I wanna spend more time making it into a visual piece?" You're important to me, you know better. I trust you. Also, I assume you know me well enough to answer these... And understand that my indecision most likely comes from my desire to have everything.
  7. Actually texting back in a timely manner when I can, hoping you'd do the same