The new title for unpopular opinion lists. Meaning "don't reply to me and argue with this" although you're very welcome to @ me in your don't @ me lists and disagree with what I said
  1. Rick Rolling is disrespectful to Rick Astley bc Never Gonna Give You Up is the best song ever
  2. Micro dosing LSD could probably help with depression
    i'd try it. if i could get my hands on pure LSD. hire me to write an article about it bc unlike everyone else who has *cough* vice *cough* i'm not some grubby white williamsburg hipster guy
  3. Drake is wack af
  4. So is TLOP and tbh KTT/fucknigga society is keeping Kanye on life support
    Like white girls who post beach Instagram posts daily are keeping Flo Rida on life support
  5. Cartoon Network can go the fuck to hell
    It makes no sense why I should have to watch teen titans go 73 times a day and y'all only play gumball twice, uncle grandpa on the weekends and I have to wait for my 5th house to be in Cancer to watch Steven Universe
  6. That one water bottle challenge on Twitter is not that impressive
  7. Spitting in your partner's mouth is so fucking lit.
    How are you okay with making out, but you're cringing at a little spit? How? How. How. How. How. No tell me how.
  8. JC Chasez deserved Justin timberlake' shine.
    He sang better, he danced better, and he was cuter.