I would paint em all pink and have secret compartments for my switchblades
  1. 1968 Ford Bronco
    A6ef9749 6a1e 4416 8e80 0e013c28fe84
  2. 94 McLaren F1
    C0af6af4 e1d4 4f6c bf20 8bb4657a6cdf
  3. 70 cutlass 442
    8d79aa7d cb99 4f2f 823b 1b07a620b879
  4. Porsche Karmann notchback
    62b189d5 e32d 456f 93b7 ca60fc15b69a
    This one is a guilty pleasure.
  5. 67 Ford Pickup
    63864504 45e4 418b b694 b5dfc58e120d
    My uncle willie fixed one up and drove it around everywhere. It's so sexy.
  6. 67 Plymouth Barracuda (notchback, not fastback)
    D15ae506 f5db 4234 a548 b02968834ba2
    SOOO this ain't the end! I saw you aGAAAAIIIIIIN!
  7. 62 Aston Martin DB4
    2c353bbc 2778 4532 91e5 9346fd616901
    Just how I like my men: sophisticated, old, and kinda ugly.
  8. 67 Jeep Jeepster
    9cb8bedf 2381 400b b179 9fb920c82b3e
    My heart will stop for a bikini top (on a person or a car).