Dream Cars

I would paint em all pink and have secret compartments for my switchblades
  1. 1968 Ford Bronco
  2. 94 McLaren F1
  3. 70 cutlass 442
  4. Porsche Karmann notchback
    This one is a guilty pleasure.
  5. 67 Ford Pickup
    My uncle willie fixed one up and drove it around everywhere. It's so sexy.
  6. 67 Plymouth Barracuda (notchback, not fastback)
    SOOO this ain't the end! I saw you aGAAAAIIIIIIN!
  7. 62 Aston Martin DB4
    Just how I like my men: sophisticated, old, and kinda ugly.
  8. 67 Jeep Jeepster
    My heart will stop for a bikini top (on a person or a car).