Requested by Tom Batten

Features of My Dream Knife

  1. I'll do the different kinds of knives, and their dream features.
  2. Balisong
    Sandwich made, with ample spacing in the handle, because I want good balance and weight. Full titanium, spring latch so it won't slip. Clip point blade, because I like a lil flair but nothing too fancy. I'm just learning about steel, but if I could guess, we can assume all these knives would be CPM 3v proprietary steel (wear resistance>toughness) or like 154CM, since this is probably a Benchmade in reality. Oh, and I want "Fuck" and "Off" on the left and right blades, respectively.
  3. Diver's knife
    Jimping already on the choil so I don't have to do it. Titanium. That's it really. In a sheath with rubber straps that won't fucking come out of the clip like my last knife.
  4. Switchblade
    Milano style, spring-assisted. I've never had an out the front knife, but I'd take a chance and say it's cooler. The lil finger flip bullshit I do with my side-opening knives is unnoticeable, but I like the idea of a more efficient knife.
  5. Those are the only three knives I care to talk about right now. I've had this drafted forever. You're welcome Tom.