February is over.

  1. museum date with april
    she's been busy with school and stripping, so we don't get to see each other much. we spent the most time together this day, and we got to flex our art history/art criticism skills. i almost got kicked out for dry humping a sculpture.
  2. big mood
  3. kbbq with xianne and kirra
    this was the first day i saw xianne after she went missing. i hadn't seen her in forever. i really forget how valuable my friends are. also i'm doing my "fuck public bathrooms" thing, but with a little more decorum bc the owners of this place treat me like a star.
  4. valentine's day bar crawl
    brianna got too drunk (as usual) and jumped on a cute guy's back. i didn't like him because he said he didn't drink, but spent ten minutes trying to get me to try some "new" drug with him in the bathroom. i ended up leaving her bc she wanted to try her luck with the guy. it didn't happen.
  5. she doesn't trust you
  6. Hurricane Brianna
    i ran away from an old man wearing extremely leprechaun-y attire. Brianna dryhumped a guy in the photo booth. We ran around asking if anyone had seen the random white couple in the photostrip she took. Got hit on by some Hopkins residents and had to go because brianna was too drunk to stand up straight. We got denied from 4 bars after she tried to run past a bouncer to get in. She ended up with her bare ass on a brick wall, peeing on the ground like baby bambi.
  7. Boy.
  8. big mood pt two
  9. driving 80-something mph and snapchatting bc i'm ready for death
  10. drag
  11. my
  12. ass
  13. love baby bobby trendy
  14. a goal.
  15. my best friend's idiot roommate who drank my rosé in the shower because nobody wanted to fuck him
    it was MINE. he owes me