1. Rent out a middle school gym and play no-mercy dodgeball
    Nail that fucker in the head
  2. Build-a-bear: put a soundchip of you saying something nasty in the bear.
    Make it sweet, or say "Lemme stick my thumb in your butthole, boo."
  3. Take your shorty to a butcher shop, and show them how meat is made. Then eat it!
    Feel free to use any sexual innuendos
  4. Drive-in theatre.
    But cut a hole in the crotch of your pants to let them know why you're really here
  5. Tell your partner to dress up nicely get them drunk, then take them to an indoor trampoline park
    Fuck them expensive shoes
  6. Drunk go-karting
    Make sure to uber to and from. And don't puke while getting hit, or else the lurch will make you head butt a stream of vomit and that's not cute.
  7. Buy those huge turkey legs in Disney world/land/anywhere and just slap each other with them
    So sensual.
  8. Your favorite punk band's show.
    Push them in the pit and see how they can get down
  9. Spending an hour rubbing each other in the outdoor shower by the pool
    But over the pants.
  10. Netflix and chill