Although the last time I was there was forever ago, i guess I can give a little insight on what it was like growing up in Alaska. Thanks @mallofamanda!
  1. You take your shoes off when you first get in the door. Always.
    I know it was because snow tracking through the house is gross, but sometimes when it's nice out, you still did it because that's customary.
  2. Black furniture, blinds, etc.
    For those months when the sun was always up. I heard that it was also super weird to go out clubbing at night and come out later that night with the sun still out. But I never knew. I was a lil kid.
  3. My parents ran with moose before
    It was during PT off the base. Those fuckers are huge and scary, and the unit sped up in the cold to make sure they didn't get attacked, even though it had never happened before.
  4. You really become more outdoorsy
    I'd done crabbing, four wheeling, and hiking a lot more when I was younger. I still have it in me, but I never do any of that as much.
  5. You're a lot happier, but you're probably going crazy
    They have special rooms in certain places (I think airports and certain areas on base) that have special lighting that keep you from going bananas. That cabin fever is no joke.
  6. Native culture is revered a lot more
    They have a Heritage center for ceremonies and gatherings, and from what I remember, non-natives were more aware and respectful.
  7. Juneteenth!
    If you don't know what it is, look it up. You'd be surprised at how many black people live in Anchorage.