1. To the wonderful transgender celebrities that create opportunities for others like them
  2. To the transgender children who are homeless as a result of coming out to their families
  3. To all those killed, especially those who were posthumously misgendered
  4. To the transgender activists in our communities
  5. To the nonbinary folks
  6. To the people who get deadnamed regularly
  7. To the transgender creative writers who are tired of writing thinkpieces, but appreciate the coin anyway
  8. To the transgender sex workers
  9. To those who are out and loved and supported
  10. To those who are out and are ostracized, belittled and bullied
  11. To those who aren't out to everyone they know yet, but will still be elated to remember when holidays like this come around
  12. To transgender parents, teachers and caregivers
  13. To those who pass, those who don't, and those who challenge the ideas of passing
  14. Especially to my little baby luke, whom I love so much.
    @transgender 💕💕💕