Tell me. We're friends.
  1. I feel all soft. I don't wanna brush my hair. I wanna stay on my new clean pillows and listen to Blue Nile all night long.
    I also feel like I want to want to get rid of my electronics, with their harsh lights and hard bleeps. If I could, I would come to you all and touch the tops of your hands gently like a nice friend who listens to all your stories.
  2. I feel great right now. You picked a good moment to ask. Enjoy your spectacular comfort!
    Suggested by @angusisley
  3. I feel really hyper but still tired since I had coffee today (which I never do) and apparently my body likes to be jittery and shaky and I babble for over 6 hours after I drank said coffee. Also I'm feeling good about myself because it makes me initiate conversations with people and get shit done. Thanks for asking, friend!
    Suggested by @tinsi
  4. Kinda worthless tbqh
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  5. I feel anxious and want the chocolate but I already ate it all because my feelings and my food are an inseparable thing called foodlings
    Suggested by @aprilkquioh
  6. I feel like I shouldn't have taken that bartender's handshake shot
    But I also got a new job and went out to the water and rode on a fucking carousel tonight and the weather felt like New Orleans so in the end, I feel like I made all the right moves.
    Suggested by @maggiebard
  7. Trying to feel like a moon jellyfish (see list), but in actuality I'm stressing out about spinning in the am
    Suggested by @p
  8. I feel adrift, but it'll pass.
    Suggested by @agard
  9. I'm feeling happy to be horizontal because I love bed. All day I think about how nice it will be to climb onto my pillow top mattress with its crispy white sheets and brand new down comforter I just traded in for my old, dank, stained comforter with Company Store's lifetime guarantee. I wish you all a beautiful night + a wonderful weekend.🌛💤
    Suggested by @Lynnie
  10. Feeling that nauseous, slightly floating, heart quickening, extremities tingling of getting too little sleep for too many nights in a row.
    All my midterms crammed in one week. I went on TLA instead of napping; I don't really regret it though. Excited for Saturday, or rather, next Wednesday night when I can post some celebratory lists and be a slumbering burrito again.
    Suggested by @maira
  11. Feeling pretty hopeful.
    Just watched 'Eat Pray Love' for the first time, so I've crossed over into womanhood. Plus Drake.
    Suggested by @thetrillwitch
  12. my throat hurts and i went to bed at 6p and just woke up at 12:30. i'm ready to go back to bed though.
    Suggested by @kingnoah
  13. Immensely tired, and annoyed at the visceral offense of other people's cigarette smoke is lingering in my just-washed hair from the birthday party I was at. But mostly just tired.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  14. I feel terrible. I can't stop picking at my skin. I feel dry and red and raw and like I want to roll around in wet sand to scrub all the bits I don't like off. I feel hot and hungry and like if I ever fall asleep it will be for one hundred years.
    Suggested by @drugs
  15. Unbelievably relieved to be in bed after a 13hr day. It should have been only 10 but my closing bartender got hammered and I had to send her home and close for her. Didn't think I'd make it home without falling asleep but here I am, in bed, with my cats, my feet tingling with delight at being weightless for a change. Delight, I feel weightless. 💤
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  16. I'm happy, perfectly tired. A little mushy and looking for connection. Fine with falling asleep though. Very intrigued by and attracted to to the fact that you're down with Blue Nile. If that record came out today it would be a smash.
    Suggested by @john
  17. Also, you should know I'm on some serious cough syrup, magical stuff. Don't love taking drugs, but if it's as prescribed, I'm all over it. Would you like to meet me in my opiate dreams?
    Suggested by @john
  18. I feel vvvery confused about the world like, how can so much heartache and despair exist in the same moment as so much beauty and magic? My friend's mom just died and my heart wants to hide under the covers forever but I also received the most beautiful affirmation of love I've ever received. In conclusion I'm feelin like a human.
    Suggested by @shelley0626
  19. I'm feeling the brisk air of Paris in the fall on my cheeks and wondering how special Inna must have felt 💖
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    Suggested by @TT
  20. I feel like my wounds itch and who can sleep only on their back? But I'm scared to sleep on my side because I'm healing. I love the sounds of my puppy and my husband breathing, and their squished, sleepy faces. I want to tell @drugs not to pick at your skin baby.
    Suggested by @dena
  21. Update, they both noticed I was awake and proceeded to snuggle sandwich me in a way which will make it impossible to sleep but which makes me feel so loved and safe and protected that it's totally worth it. also my dog invited himself under the covers.
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    Suggested by @dena
  22. I feel like if I don't get some coffee quickly Im going to turn into the Hulk, straight up.
    Suggested by @stars
  23. Anxious.
    But that's my normal.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree