1. more knives
  2. more sex
  3. i'm a graduate
  4. i'm writing more for my own ideas than for classes
    see above
  5. more money
    still broke tho
  6. less alcohol
    not really but shoutout to shutting out the people you loved who were alcoholic and abusive
  7. my instagram won't work
    it's been a week
  8. i'm thinking about getting sodomy tattooed on my butt
  9. i can tell any man he's not good enough for me without feeling bad about it
    no matter who the fuck he is.
  10. i realize that it's okay to have a complicated relationship with people
    wanting it to change won't change it at all.
  11. i'm more active
  12. ive traveled less but ive been to places i love to see people i adore
  13. more emotionally intact
    still rlly unstable
  14. my phone is broken
  15. i believe in myself a lot more
    cant wait to surpass my mf heroes
  16. i have a more solid relationship with old friends and i love my new friends hard af
  17. still going strong with #MoneyShotFace
  18. Static